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MVT Business App;finger tip access to medical tourism

Global Treatment services Pvt Ltd has been a front runner in medical value tourism for several years.It has brought about several groundbreaking developments in the industry.Latest addition to its long list of innovation is the MVT Business App.The application facilitates the complete medical value tourism workflow at the ease of accessing your mobile phone.The app is a new concept and first of its kind it in the industry. MVT app enables tourist operator, medical tourism facilitator & doctors to connect and offer medical tourism service through us without any hassles.The winning feature of the app is that it can be used to avail services from any country and in any speciality.MVTapp

Application details

It is a light weight application which does not eat into your phone memory.It comes with a downloadable size of only  a few megabytes.The interface is very user friendly designed to swiftly take you through the complete process.The data input required is also only essential details and the remaining is taken care by the background processes.The application also include features to store and track patient,insurance and process details along with various useful components.
On creation of query which is the primary step,it reaches the respective hospitals.The app supports downloading visa invitation letter and travel itinerary.Also, the app enables the user to upload passport and ticket copy through the upload link.There is also an option of sending ticket copy directly to the hospitals.

The application can be downloaded from Play Store(android ).

Download the MVT Business app for Android here

Process flow

The main tabs in the workflow are -Query Management,Patient and Payment and Insurance module.

Query Management
  • The MVT app enables the first step in the process flow, namely creating a query
  • During query creation, user can choose preferred country, city, speciality desired
  • The app gives an option of choosing multiple specialities and multiple cities too
  • After registering these choices, the user is given the option of choosing one or more internationally accredited hospitals based on the user preferences.
  • The user has to provide minimum details like medical reports of the patient
  • Query automatically reaches the respective hospitals
  • The generated query can be viewed in the query list with a unique reference number
  • The app also provides the user to download treatment proposal, on clicking the query.
 Once the itinerary is generated, it can be viewed in patient list and by selecting the patientuser is able to get daily update and medical details of the patient.
Payment icon gives the complete information about the patient bill and commission details, payment status, payment reference number  and also provides an option to raise invoice to the company.

Insurance module

The application facilitates claiming insurance by involving insurance companies.This module works similar to the general module in query management and patient.But the third tab is ‘Bill details’ instead of payment.Using this tab,insurance  companies can access all bill details of the patient.The application supports complete client settlement requirements including discharge summary using this tab.
MVT app provides smooth and transparent process flow to the medical tourism business partners.Its is the one stop app for all you need to manage the medical tourism process.
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