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Growth failure: Treatments

Growth failure (eg. Short stature, Growth hormone deficiency, Turner syndrome etc):

Children go through an amazing process called ‘growth’. Growth includes not just increase in height and weight, but also various developmental and physical milestones which a child is expected to achieve during childhood and adolescence. Growth depends on various factors such as hormones, nutrition, genetic make up of the child and underlying disease. Growth is monitored using serial height and weight measurements and plotting them on a growth chart. It is good to maintain growth record for children from birth. You should be concerned and seek medical opinion if your child is

1. shortest in the class.
2. not outgrowing his/her dresses.
3. very short when compared to siblings/ parents.
4. falling off the centile on growth chart.
Some of the conditions which cause short stature (lack of growth hormone, Turner syndrome etc) can be treated with growth hormone therapy.

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